UMIP Community Review - Monday June 28th

The next UMA Community Call will take place on Monday June 28th at 17:00 UTC. We are holding a UMIP Review Call to discuss, provide feedback and determine action items on the below draft UMIPs:

The output of this meeting will be a ‘go’ or ‘no-go’ decision to update the status of the UMIP to ‘Last Call’ and propose it as a vote on Friday, July 2nd . If you are interested in attending, send a private message to @Henry or @Mhairi-UMA


  1. Welcome & Overview
  2. Assessment of the above UMIPs
  3. Input, feedback and questions from the community

Outcome of this week’s community call

[326] Add Price Identifier Omnibus - GO
[328] Add uINT_KPI_UMA as a supported price identifier - GO
[332] Update final fees - UPP - GO
[336] Add PolygonTVL and PolygonTVLinv as price identifiers - GO
[341] Add uTVL_KPI_SDT as price identifier for KPI Options - GO
[342] Remove DSD & SGT from Collateral Currency Whitelist - GO
[343] Add GYSR, MPH, APW, SNOW, and NDX as approved collateral currencies - GO

Voting will take place on Friday, July 2nd.

Thanks to all those that were part of this week’s UMIP process.