UMIP 70 - Approve XIO As Collateral Type

UMIP tbd - Add XIO as Collateral Type:

Blockzero Labs proposes adding XIO as a collateral type to UMA Protocol in order to create an XIO Yield Dollar. The XIO Yield Dollar would play a pivotal role in our upcoming UMA DeFi Accelerator, where participants would be incentivized during a “Synthetic Mining” competition to mine for the XIO Yield Dollar. The underlying goals are to increase UMA TVL and to help onboard new users into the UMA ecosystem.


Yes, I agree. An XIO Yield Dollar can only help both protocols.

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Fully supportive. There are now several yield dollar projects however. All for competition…but how will people know which yd is best for them? Not sure it’s an UMA issue to resolve…but perhaps blockzero should consider how to differentiate: incorporating flashstaking and/or Aquafi directly on the mint site?

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thanks for the awesome information.