Announcement - SuperUMAn DAO

Risk Labs, the foundation behind the UMA protocol is excited to announce their intention to bootstrap the active community of UMA by establishing a SuperUMAn DAO which will lead on our DAO-DAO relations, particularly focusing on KPI Options and on treasury management solutions.

The process of Daoification of the community is ongoing, the DAO’s mission will be " to communicate the true power of universal access to markets and its benefits to the world." In order to support the establishment of the SuperUMAn DAO, UMA to the value of $1m will be transferred into a gnosis multisig at the linked address as a declaration of intent.

This is effectively an escrow account with funds designated to be transferred to the SuperUMAn DAO treasury once the DAO is launched in one single transfer.The signatories on this three of five multisig include two core UMA team members and three active members of the community selected through discord poll.Signatories on the escrow multisig are

  • Clayton Roache - Community Lead, UMA Core Team
  • Mhairi McAlpine - Community Manager UMA Core Team
  • EASports - SuperUMAn Community Member
  • FruityCup - SuperUMAn Community Member
  • Poapster - SuperUMAn Community Member