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I may have a pretty cool idea for you. Now hear me out. I speak with hundreds of newly retired couples every week about their main concerns during their retirement phase of life and they almost all overwhelmingly tell me that their first major concern is outliving the money they set aside for retirement. For those retirees who have assets and wish to protect them as well as participate in market growth, there is a product called an fixed-indexed annuity. This financial product offers the same protection of your monies as a traditional annuity does, as well as allows your money to earn higher interest rates on an indexed market. However, unlike a variable annuity where if the market goes up your money goes up but if it tanks your money tanks along with it, an fixed indexed annuity allows you to participate in the market growth but protects you from any corrections. I could go on and on about FIA’s but hit me back, and tell me what you think!! thank you

Hey just seen this - sorry I missed it.

Sounds like an interesting idea, not very sure about the mechanics of how it would work tho - what would you be tracking - an index like S&P500?

You should defo start a topic tho and get some feedback on it